The registration data used to login with awork is referred to as an account. An account is associated with a unique email address and password that the user provided when logging in to his or her awork account.

A user can work in several workspaces with the same account (and also the same access data). As shown below, the account of [email protected] is part of two workspaces, Moon and Mars. Tommy uses the same email address and credentials to access both workspaces. While there is only one account, each workspace has a user entity associated with the account. A user entity is always workspace-specific.


The account only contains basic account information. More details about the user in each workspace can be retrieved and edited at the /user endpoints.

Client applications are important for the external login flow used by your applications. These endpoints allow you to administrate the client applications managed by your workspace. Check out the Authentication guide to learn more about client applications.


In order to make permission changes, the user has to be in an administrator role.

If you want to try out these endpoints, click the following button and get all the endpoints as a collection for Postman.

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